Gamification app “EsploraMiró”

Lancio della app EsploraMiro


EsploraMiro App design



The app features eight minigames of different natures designed to engage visitors and challenge them to sharpen their senses and observational skills. The game themes and typologies are directly related to the iconography, technique, and composition of the selected artwork, establishing a connection between the game and the masterpiece. 


The game dynamics are repeated across the eight rooms. Firstly, the user has to complete the minigame that enables interaction with Miró’s work. Afterward, he must answer a riddle which seeks to reinforce the knowledge acquired during the tour. 

To navigate the exhibition, the app provides a floor plan of the museum that shows the location of the minigames and the user’s position within the different spaces. Once the room’s challenges are completed, the map’s area changes color and is conquered with a green flag. At the top of the screen, users can track how many stars and flags they have collected so far.