New app with multiple thematic tours





The application was initially divided into two different itineraries. For those users who want to know all the contents about Palazzo del Te, the itinerary can be easily exchanged, back and forth, through a menu button at any time during the visit.


The first itinerary corresponds to a circular route through the rooms of the building that presents their features and information in a traditional way. This itinerary spans along twenty-seven spaces that include both the interiors, with the halls and private rooms, and the exteriors, with the pools and gardens. The content cards appear over the map that indicates the location of each room, the visit’s direction and the user’s current position.


The second one is a thematic itinerary called “Il Mito di Venere a Palazzo Te,” which revolves around the figure of Venus and her representations. This non-linear route shows twenty-six reproductions of this divinity in different mythological episodes, which are distributed throughout the frescoes and reliefs in several rooms.


We conceived a scalable application, designed to incorporate other thematic content about the palace iconography or the showcases and exhibitions that it may host. In fact, we are already producing a third itinerary called “L’Arte di Vivere a Palazzo Te,” which talks about the attributes represented in the frescoes and their interpretation concerning art, music, architecture, weapons and love.