About Us

The challenge of innovation
for heritage.

Visivalab is an experience design agency connecting people with cultural institutions and brands due to the fusion of design and specialized technology.

From the Idea to
The Making

Since 2010 we offer a complete assistance with the purpose of enriching the job in all phases: analysis, development, implementation, installation and support. Our job is to facilitate the understanding of every part of the technical and creative development process, advice the best solution and solve any questions.

An interdisciplinary

Our focusing is innovative and versatile because it is in constant evolution: it is based on the interdisciplinary work of a professional team that collaborates in the best way to link the contents, due to the most recent technology, but also through the classic publication channels. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Smart Track, Video Mapping, Virtual Assistants are only some of the technologies that we develop on demand.

From Barcelona to
the Whole World

Our Barcelona based team is formed by worldwide professionals. This Mediterranean city, so dynamic and cosmopolitan, unites and stimulates us to answer to the development challenges from projects and ideas impulsed by our clients.

Esperiences that
Make a Difference

The immersive experiences that we draw create an emotional link between the people and show the heritage in harmony with the identity and values of the interested entity. Our priority is to give life to the history we are explaining, and grant specific results that make a difference in the memory.

Riccardo Auci
Co-founder & Technologies
Paula Seré
Co-founder & Design
Andrea Cremonesi
Corporate Entrepreneur
Titi Nosti
Graphic & UX/UI Design
Sinhue Rossi
Software Developer
Cristiano De Vita
Alessandra de Simone
Art Historian
Marco Truffat
Front-end Developer
Gemma Canalda
Design & Communication
Matteo Ippoliti