Virtual Reality Experience and Mobile app


The Italian artistic and architectural heritage is very rich, but only a 10% of its structures are digitized, and less than half use interactive technologies.


Before our intervention, the Palazzo Te did not use technological tools for the divulgation of its heritage either.


First, we digitalized the documents and the internal and external environments of the Palazzo. The material, that is since available for the scientific research, has been listed and used to make a geolocated mobile app.


Using state-of-the-art technologies, we realized and managed a Wi-Fi network system in the internal spaces of the museum. We installed a net to protect the data and manage the flow of visitors.





In this proposal, there had to be virtual reality stations. Thanks to the VR, OCULUS GO visors, and the 3D model maps and planimetries, we accompany the visitor on a suggestive trip through the rooms inside Palazzo Te.


The design of this experience foresees 4 virtual reality stations, accompanied by the same number of visors, that allow to immerse into the frescoes of Giulio Romano, see animations of the characters (for example in the tragic and evocative scene of the “Camera dei Giganti”) and observe how the Palazzo was presented in those times.


All of this, always maintaining the texture and the original drawings of the master, and following the historical and artistic documentation.