Virtual restoration after the roof’s collapse


Nowadays, technological advances allow us to reproduce up until the remotest past. After the unfortunate collapse of the roof of San Giuseppe’s Church, we immediately made ourselves available to take part in the technical reconstruction.


The digitalization of Carcer Tullianum’s heritage and the 3D laser scanning of the Church’s architecture that we carried out in 2018 were fundamental for the initiation of the restoration process. Thanks to those previous works, we could assemble a detailed file on the state of the original structure.


Parting from this material and the 3D scale model we had already developed, we could recreate the three-dimensional topographic survey of the building in a high-resolution virtual model.


During this phase, we also conducted the first evaluations to identify the characteristics of the coffered ceiling and determine the critical points of the structure. Together with the scientific committee, we decided to re-scan the structures that were left standing and compare them with the previous sampling. Subsequently, we created a platform ad hoc to gather all the prior and posterior data.