Interactive installation of Renaissance Cartoons


The Museum and the Consulta devised a new design project for the room where the cartoons are displayed to the public, intending to enhance the role of Turin as an Italian and international cultural center, thus contributing to the further promotion of the city’s historical and artistic heritage. 


The technology that we developed for the exhibition allows the visitor to discover the secrets and techniques of the Italian Renaissance. Through interactive communication and the lighting in the room, we created an intimate and theatrical ambiance: the artworks emerge from the darkness as entities suspended in time and space. 





Information about the artworks is available in both English and Italian, and it is displayed on the touch-screen that we strategically placed in front of the sliding panels, which contain the cartoons on display. 


Through this surface, it is possible to deepen many aspects of the fifty-nine Renaissance drawings: it gives access to each one’s particular history and its reproductions. The full length of the details becomes available thanks to the “Explore the drawing” function, which allows to zoom in into the image and increase or decrease its contrast.


Thanks to the high-definition images and the academic essays it is possible to compare the preparatory drawings between them and with the finished artworks –nowadays preserved in several Italian and foreign museums. 


It also opens a window to the artistic workshops of the sixteenth century and the way art education was imparted before the birth of the Academies of Fine Arts. The installation also features an interactive map of Europe that shows the accomplished artworks and other replicas in their origin area.