ARCHEOROBOT, underground digitalization of the Cloaca Maxima

Inside the tunnels
Chassis Archeorobot
Cloaca Maxima tunnels


ARCHEOROBOT is a tool specifically designed for exploring remote and inaccessible archaeological sites where limited dimensions, environmental conditions, or strict safety measures make human entry impossible.

The robot is very compact for this very reason, measuring 42 cm in length and weighing only 5 kg. Nevertheless, its transparent chassis is large and sturdy enough to house all the necessary devices. Among these, there are three HD cameras that capture images and videos of the monument’s constructive details, structure, and materials. In addition, its sensors enable topographic data collection that conducts a three-dimensional scan of the network, and they evaluate humidity, gas levels, and temperature fluctuations. Finally, the robot is equipped with five processors that facilitate a real-time data analysis performed from the control cabin.

The result is a georeferenced topographic 3D model of the Cloaca Maxima and its adjacent conduits, providing a panoramic view of its features and environmental and structural context. This knowledge is essential for the scientific decision-making process to improve the monument preservation, which is already closed due to the risk of collapse.

The control cabin was installed on the Forum’s surface, centralizing and processing the collected data with specific software. This analysis was carried out in close collaboration with the partners and the Soprintendenza. The installation consisted of a polycarbonate structure with the volume of a dodecahedron. During the digitalization period, this figure became part of the Roman Forum, lighting up at night alongside the surrounding monuments.

Archeorobot control cabin-interior
Archeorobot control cabin-exterior