VideoMapping Pluteus of Trajan


This project represents a significant example of the application of new technologies in the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage. During the first phase, we studied and analyzed the bas-relief archeologically and artistically in order to create a video mapping and a 3D reconstruction with the restoration results.


The Plutei foreground reliefs narrate two scenes from Trajan times. In the first one, a procession of sacred animals (a pig, a ram and a bull) is led to sacrifice for the Suovetaurilia, a purifying ritual. The other scene represents a historical moment in Roman politics: when Emperor Trajan announced to the Senate the Institutio Alimentaria. The emperor presides over the people, declaring the institution of a charitable organization with his funds to care for orphans and children in need, victims of poverty, hunger and wars.


What is relevant about the frieze is that it allows a faithful analysis of the Forum’s architecture of the time because behind the narrative, the temples of Vespasian and Saturn, the Basilica Giulia and the statue of Marsyas are depicted with richness and elegant shapes.