Video mapping Domus Transitoria




Video mapping is a technique that transforms flat or relief surfaces by projecting images and animations on them. The first step consists of the analysis and study of the original fresco in order to create the visual format, which is later polished in post-production before it is ready to project unto the wall.


The fresco was subjected first to a minimal chromatic restoration that was integrated into the original, respecting its archaeological character. We acquired the images of the wall through a robotic digitalization system with high-resolution cameras and specific lighting.


Thanks to the precision of the scanning, it was possible to obtain highly detailed images of the intact remaining decorations. Then, with the video mapping technique, we reconstructed the decorations from the least compromised parts. 


To sum up, the fresco’s virtual restoration was carried out in four phases: the analysis of its current state, then a chromatic reintegration of the background, followed by the virtual reintegration of the vegetal motifs until reaching the complete reproduction proposal.