Multimedia content for the Imperial Ramp exhibition

Visitatore della mostra


As part of the dissemination project for the scientific research, Visivalab has enhanced the exhibition documenting these excavations with different multimedia technologies. The outcome is a real journey through time, providing a fresh perspective on technology’s application to cultural heritage.





As a digital guide to the exhibition, we designed a totem that presents the displayed archaeological pieces from the area of the Giuturna Fountain. This tool acts as a window to the past, transporting the visitor to the excavations of the early 20th century by connecting each piece with the context of its discovery, which we learn through the historical documentation.


The interactive screen is organized into three sections that provide a comprehensive view of the exhibited heritage:

On the left, there’s a timeline organizing the materials according to their antiquity, while on the right, the remains are contextualized within the excavation. In the center, the user can explore the elements from different perspectives in augmented reality, thanks to prior digitization. Information cards appear over the images, delving into the description, specific characteristics, and further data about the discovery.



We also produced a video that narrates the story of the vanished church of Santa Maria Liberatrice and the Roman and early medieval buildings uncovered.


The video begins with a panoramic view of the Roman Forum, showing the adjacent monuments and the original church layout. Then, it transitions to historical photos, presenting the church’s former appearance, followed by the reconstruction of a 3D model based on plans and elevations from the early 1900s. It also allows the viewer to virtually explore its interior, which we simulated using the preserved images from its altars and walls. The climax is reached through a dramatic simulation of the church’s collapse, blending real photos with cinematic effects, ending with the discovery of the statues and other remains.